Interior design project

We provide full cycle of the services aimed at the interior design and interior repair and finishing works. Ordering the design and finishing services in our company you get rid of the headaches and can focus on the selection of interior details which will delight you. Design, coordination of changes, selection and procurement of finishes and furniture, repair and supervision – everything will be in our control.




The stages of a design project:

  1. Contacting the Studio
  2. Drafting technical specifications
  3. Conclusion of the agreement
  4. Attendance the object by the designer for measurements
  5. Development of project documentation

Ordering a design project, you get:

  1. Design options (2-3 options)
  2. Style and colour solutions (2-3 options)
  3. 3D visualization of the rooms (2-3 options)
  4. An album of drawings, which includes:
    • Measurement layout
    • Construction dismantling and installation layout
    • Furniture arrangement layout
    • Floor layout, the layout of floor coverings
    • Underfloor heating layout
    • Ceiling layout
    • Plumbing equipment with specification and bindings layout
    • Layout of lighting and switches with bindings
    • Lighting control scheme, distribution lines for switches
    • Layout of sockets
    • Layout of doorways
    • Conditioning layout
    • Developed view of the walls in all the rooms, layout of wall coverings
    • Specification of finishing materials, furniture and lighting
    • Summary of finishing materials for all rooms

A period of 4 to 8 working weeks.


Services of supervision enables you to monitor the quality of repair works commenced by the workers.
Supervision includes:

  • Telephone and other negotiations with subcontractors, suppliers, people involved in the project implementation
  • Regular visits on site (not more than four in a month, not longer than 4 hours)
  • Builder consulting under all project documentation
  • Coordination and settlement of issues relating to the implementation of the project
  • Control of compliance with selected colour palette, finishing materials, etc. developed design project
  • Monitoring the progress and quality of finishing works on site
  • Ordering construction and finishing materials along with the coordination of their value with the customer
  • Adjustments (if necessary) in the design project that emerged after the dismantling of old and construction of new partitions, after floor, walls and ceilings leveling
  • Placement of decorative elements in the interior (curtains, paintings, vases, mirrors, etc.)

Period Supervision is carried out within the period agreed by the parties.

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