Architectural design

Preliminary design

Development of project proposals in accordance with the specifications and customer wishes. Formation of documents package for coordination and approval with the relevant authorities and services: layout of the General plan, floor plans, 3D rendering, fronts in colour, the scheme of sections.

Period from 2 to 4 working weeks.

Working design

Documentation package required for further construction:

  1. 2-3 layout options
  2. 3D rendering of the layout
  3. Album of detailed design documentation, which includes:
    • General lay-out stipulating all utilities, vertical framework.
    • Architectural solutions: detailed plans, sections, building sides, TEI (technical-and-economic indicators), specification of hole filling, floor summary (floor design), room finish schedule
    • Technological design: layout with furniture allocation, specification of furniture, outputs for sockets, switches and lighting, heating layout
    • Construction design: foundation, wall, floor and coating design
    • Heating and ventilation: plans, lay-outs and calculations for heating and ventilation
    • House water plumbing and sewerage: plans, lay-outs and calculations for house water plumbing and sewerage

Period from 2 to 8 working weeks

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