#we believe in the power of creativity

We are creating! From individual design projects to functioning as the General designer, from the interior and landscape development to urban projects of integrated site development.

#we will implement YOUR dream “key ready”

What is your dream? About happy moments experienced in a cozy house overlooking the water? About comfortable apartment with the dressing room where you could accommodate all your 49 favourite pairs of shoes? About a little restaurant in the courtyard of the 18th century house. We know what you really want and we will do it for you!

#appreciating traditions and innovations

Our goal is to offer you the brightest ideas developed by us, basing only on your personality.

#we are skilled workers!

We have been in design for more than 10 years. Within this period we have created and implemented a variety of projects which embody our principle of functionality and aesthetic form integrity. A cohesive team, experience in design and project implementation as well as personal attention to each client are the basic principles which lead to the success of our Studio.

#create not only concepts, but also real things

We commence construction supervision over the works up to the stage of facility commissioning. We resolve specific issues related to the shortage of budget, time, and resources. We are really able to prevent mistakes in the value of millions.

#construction supervision and contractor management

To implement integrated programmes we generate and control a pool of contractors which includes designers, engineers, quantity surveyors, builders, electricians, furniture makers, skilled decorators and many others.
We consider their job to be completed when the customer is satisfied.

#internationally recognized design

We always strive for uniqueness, symbolism, simplicity, function and integrity.


#you have not worked with my category

Before designing something we soak ourselves in the category, conducting a design audit to identify trends, patterns and analyse visual environment. We get the maximum input we need to get started.

#three focus areas



House design


Interior design

Work with interior space


Construction works

Implement repair and construction “key ready”

#and what if you dislike?

We have 2 iterations, when according to the revised brief we modify the provided solutions. We always present at least 2 different options to have plenty to choose from. Sometimes there are more options available.
At the stage of briefing we always discuss in detail what tasks should be solved and if a client has any preferences, etc. We always ask clients to be as forthcoming as possible to make changes, if necessary, at each stage.

#we need only the design, construction will be implemented on our own. It is possible?

Of course, it’s possible.

#we are sure the world would be different without you . Have you decided what you would like to create with us yet?

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